About Us

Celebration is not just about partying hard and grooving all night. Real celebration calls for celebration of the soul and merrymaking of the heart. Within the few moments of your busy life that you get to let your jaunty self on loose, you have every right to make those moments memorable enough to linger on in your memories forever.

So join hands with Acumen and let us craft that moment of celebration for you that can add spirit of rejoice to your event.  Whether it is managing your event or calling for renowned celebrities to jazz up your party, Acumen will make every effort to make your celebration successful.

Doesn’t matter if it’s some overly hyped up event where you want to add a hint of personal touch, or simply want to make your party memorable. We have something to make every person happy. Want to spice up a college event or any other event? Acumen is there for you.  Worrying about a live show that you need to host? The arrangements Acumen makes will leave the audience raving and all pumped up to attend your next event.

Contact Acumen for booking celebrities, event management, theme decoration, catering, lighting and music arrangements or making tweaks to your already arranged parties so that it can be gingered up even more.